About Us


Zidan Alkiswani & Partners Co. "Taqarob Commercial" is a company working in import - export and distribution of foodstuff and sundries inside Jordan and is an extension of the hard work continued on three generations, as the first credit of founding the work goes to the grandfather Zidan Mohammed Jibril Alkiswani who worked hard for more than 40 years in trading and built a good reputation in the market and for the consumers. 


To pursue the work after him, his son Fayez, who worked to spread the work outside the borders of the Capital Amman to all the provinces and opened the way for importing some products. In that while, the grandsons of the founder Zidan and sons of Fayez joined the work; Eng. Khaled, Zidan and Abdullah. And they have that vision to make the company a global company of vision and goal, so they concentrated on establishing brands owned by the company and adding some exclusive agencies for global brands. 


 Zidan Alkiswani company is a leading company that combines tradition and modernity as it gained its principles and values ​​of the grandfather and father and was keen to maintain a good reputation and keep up with the market and consumer satisfaction at all times. 

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision


 Our company is aspiring to be the first company in the Arab world in the field of trading and import and export of foodstuffs and to increase offering a multitude of high-quality brands in the Jordanian and Arab markets.

And that our products become the best and optimum option for the customers.

Our Values

Our Vision

Our Vision


 Cooperation and teamwork.

Trustiness and commitment with our customers.


Permanent dedication to work and the pursuit of progress and development.

Mutual respect between us and our customers and between us and our employees.

Work environment; as we are constantly striving to provide incentives for our employees and provide them with a comfortable working environment that values their work and achievements

Our Strategy

Our Distinctiveness

Our Distinctiveness


 To manage work according to the professional and ethical standards.

To develop and market for products that meet customer needs.

Our Distinctiveness

Our Distinctiveness

Our Distinctiveness


 What sets us apart is that we cover all the small markets and mega malls as well as wholesalers in all governorates of the Kingdom of Jordan from north to south and we have our own-registered brands in the Jordanian market.